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A Farm Fluff Surprise!

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farm fluff batts are highly textural, full of farm fleece, tight curly locks, silky fibers, sparklies and other fun stuff, with a base of merino wool farm fleece for ridiculous, luxurious softness. they are blended on a super coarse vintage carder for a very chunky, textural, fun spin.


1 Luxurious Farm Fluff Art Batt -- ranging from 1.9oz - 2.3oz depending on how dense the fibers used are

*note - lately I've been pre-carding the merino base layer, so it ultimately gets blended twice, resulting in a buttery soft & smooth base layer, intermixed with delightful locks, silks and textures*

ingredients: merino fleece, alpaca fleece, kid mohair locks, bluefaced leicester lamb locks, teeswater lamb locks, wendsleydale lamb locks, tussah silk roving, mulberry silk laps and caps, silk throwsters waste, faux cashmere (nylon), bamboo, sparkly angelina, vintage lace and fabrics, and sometimes feathers that have been collected, washed and dyed in Nessaland.

all the wool in our Farm Fluff batts are processed by hand from happy sheep. only gentle soaps were used, so you may find a small amount of natural plant matter that'll fall out while you're spinning. that said, I love me a clean fleece and a mostly mindless spinning experience, so this will be minimal!


You'll receive one farm fluff art batt. Want more? Order as many as you'd like! Want one every month? Join our batt club!

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Surprise batts are Handmade To Order
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